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Further, the Bank is playing a coordinating role within the financial sector to increase public-private partnerships aimed at enhancing cyber security talent management and development. This issue is important to the entire financial sector. Internationally, the Bank contributes to discussions on financial system issues. First, a trigger event occurs.

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As a result of this event, one systemically important financial institution or FMI becomes unable to provide services. Ultimately, public trust in the financial system rests on the ability of participants to protect the day-to-day functioning of the system. This means ensuring resilient operations, which includes preserving the integrity of personal and financial data. Many aspects of the ongoing vulnerability related to elevated household indebtedness have evolved in opposing directions since the start of the pandemic.

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The vulnerabilities highlighted in this report suggest the effects for the real economy could be significant if a trigger event occurs, even as systemically important financial institutions remain resilient. A stable and efficient financial system is essential for sustaining economic growth and raising living standards. In theFinancial System Review, the Bank of Canada identifies the main vulnerabilities for and risks in the financial system in Canada and explain how they have evolved over the past year. This was the second year in a row that prices for clothing and footwear fell, as public health measures continued to impact sales at brick-and-mortar outlets during various waves of the pandemic. 6.9%) fell for the second consecutive year. Cellular service providers offered more data to consumers, contributing to lower prices.


While annual average prices increased at a faster pace in every province in 2021, some regions felt the impact more than others. Atlantic Canadians faced the fastest rates of consumer price growth, as people migrated to the region from other provinces. Prince Edward Island (+5.1%) and Nova Scotia (+4.1%) recorded the highest rates of inflation, while price growth in all Atlantic provinces exceeded the national average. Canadians living in Quebec (+3.8%) and Ontario (+3.5%) also experienced price growth above the national average. Conversely, price growth in the western provinces lagged behind the national average, with Saskatchewan (+2.6%) recording the lowest inflation rate.

The Bank is using its expertise in macroeconomic modelling to provide reference projection scenarios for the financial sector. It also helped participants improve their ability to perform climate scenario analysis and adapt their risk management practices to climate change. The Bank contributes to financial stability by helping to increase awareness of ongoing and emerging risks related to household finances and the housing market. Through its membership on committees, the Bank also actively engages in dialogue and information sharing with various federal and provincial authorities.

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Opportunity pointsEvery time a firm is invited, they are assigned an opportunity point. Firms are selected based on city index review their number of opportunity points. NewA firm’s status is NEW if this is their first time registering in SELECT.

Guaranteed and trailing stops available. The fees aren’t very transparent. The commissions and interest rates aren’t featured until after you’ve signed up, and even then you may not be told about some ‘elusive’ rates. How about 12% commission on an average trading operation?

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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Your Experience of Price Change

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  • The Bank chairs the Heads of Regulatory Agencies Committee and its Systemic Risk Surveillance Committee , two federal-provincial forums for cooperation on financial sector issues .
  • The likelihood of a shock that reduces real income has also increased.
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This change in preferences, coupled with historically low interest rates and other factors linked to the pandemic, such as higher building costs, helped push the costs of homeownership higher in Canada in 2021. Prince Edward Island (+8.5%) and Nova Scotia (+4.8%) saw shelter prices increase the most in Canada compared with a year earlier. Strong gains in shelter prices were also observed in Manitoba (+4.6%), Ontario (+4.3%) and British Columbia (+4.3%). Canadians living in Saskatchewan paid 0.8% more for shelter, the slowest rate of price growth. If investors redeem their assets during a crisis, open-ended funds could be forced to sell assets in illiquid markets to generate cash, which could aggravate fragile liquidity conditions .


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Convatec Group PLC: Scrip Dividend – Total Issued Shares

Therefore, vulnerabilities highlighted in this report are primarily macrofinancial in nature. This means that the repercussions of a shock would adversely affect the real economy through financial linkages, even if the banking system remained solvent. The underlying infrastructure behind stablecoins poses risks.

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Chronicles of Avonlea (

In Canada, the legislative review of the financial sector announced in the 2022 federal budget will initially focus on digital currencies, including stablecoins. In fact, over 65% of current cryptoasset trades involve stablecoins. Stablecoins also serve as important collateral in crypto derivatives markets and in decentralized finance—peer-to-peer financial services that use cryptoassets. The Bank will continue to monitor these developments and analyze their implications for climate-related risks and the future of the Canadian economy and financial system. It is too early to tell whether the recently observed decrease in resale activity and prices will be temporary or is the start of a deeper, lasting decline.

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